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Implementation of articles 8, 9, 10, and 19 (§ 2a and 2b) of the Marine Strategy Framework-Directive (2008/56/ΕC) in the marine waters of Cyprus

Name of client: Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, Cyprus

Name of partners: AP MARINE LTD, NAGREF

Dates (start/end): 9/2011-5/2012

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) establishes a framework for community action in the field of marine environmental policy. Within this framework, Member States (MS) shall take the necessary measures to achieve or maintain Good Environmental Status in the marine environment by the year 2020 at the latest. For that purpose, marine strategies shall be developed and implemented in order to protect and preserve the marine environment, prevent its deterioration or, where practicable, restore marine ecosystems in areas where they have been adversely affected. In addition, marine strategies shall prevent and reduce inputs into the marine environment, with a view to phasing out pollution (as defined in Art. 3(8) in the MSFD), so as to ensure that there are no significant impacts on or risks to marine biodiversity, marine ecosystems, human health or legitimate uses of the sea. The economic and social (i.e. socio-economic) analyses required by the MSFD need to be understood in the context of the general objective of the Directive. The MSFD requires Member States to achieve or maintain Good Environmental Status (GES) in their waters by 2020 (Art 1.1 MSFD). The Directive states in Art. 1.3 that Member States shall, when developing marine strategies, apply an ecosystem-based approach to assess the state of their marine area and that Member States shall undertake “an analysis of the predominant pressures and impacts, including human activity, on the environmental status of those waters” as well as “an economic and social analysis of the use of those waters and of the cost of degradation of the marine environment” (Art. 8.1 MSFD). In order to fulfil the requirements for the Initial Assessment the following steps were followed as suitable to undertake:

Identify and describe the different uses of the marine environment in terms of their economic and social importance and pressures

·  Identify and describe the different uses of and pressures on the marine environment.

·  Assess direct and, if possible, the indirect benefits of the different uses of the marine environment.

·  Describe in qualitative and, if possible, quantitative terms the pressures caused by the different uses of the marine environment.

Describe in qualitative terms and, if possible, in quantitative terms the cost of degradation of the marine environment

·  In the ecosystem approach GES should be defined and environmental status assessed in a Business As Usual scenario. This will enable the description of the difference between them in qualitative and, if possible, quantitative terms.

·  In the thematic approach, degradation themes and a reference condition should be defined before describing the difference between the reference situations and the current environmental status.

In the cost-based approach, all relevant current legislation should be identified and the cost and the proportion of this legislation should be assessed, prior to adding the costs attributable to the protection of the marine environment together.

LAMANS was responsible for the economic and social analysis of the use of those waters and of the cost of degradation of the marine environment.


Επιστροφή / Αρχική σελίδα

Διεθνή έργα
Joint Inspection Structure
Η LAMANS S.A. σε συνεργασία με την AGRER (Βέλγιο) και την JCP (Ιταλία) έχουν λάβει επιχορήγηση ύψους € 667.250 για μια σύμβαση υπηρεσιών που αφορά “Τεχνική Βοήθεια στον Ποιοτικό Έλεγχο Ψαριών – Υποστήριξη στην Αρμόδια Αρχή στην Υεμένη
Πρόγραμμα για την εφαρμογή ενός διοικητικού σχεδίου αλιείας για τη Λίμνη Βικτώρια
Άλλα διεθνή έργα
Σύμβουλος Διαχείρισης του Περιφερειακού Προγράμματος για την Αειφόρο διαχείριση των παράκτιων ζωνών των χωρών του Ινδικού Ωκεανού
Εκπόνηση Μελέτης που θα αξιολογήσει τις επιπτώσεις από την ανάπτυξη των υδατοκαλλιεργειών στο Μπανγκλαντές
Μελέτη πεδίου για την αξιολόγηση ορισμένων μέτρων μείωσης των παρεμπιπτόντων αλιευμάτων θαλάσσιων χελωνών στην αλιεία με παραγάδι επιφανείας
South Sinai Regional Development Programme (SSRDP)
Elaboration of a Plan for the Surveillance of environmental Contaminants of the Fisheries Sector of Benin, Cameroun and Togo
Evaluation of the Amelioration of the sanitary status of the fisheries products in Gabon
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Shaping a European Community Plan of Action for Seabirds
Μελέτη των πληροφοριακών συστημάτων που υποστηρίζουν τους αλιευτικούς ελέγχους στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση. Κοινοτική Υπηρεσία Ελέγχου της Αλιείας, Vigo, Ισπανία.
Regional social and economic impacts of change in fisheries-dependent communities
Feasibility Study for Technical Assistance Programme in the Egyptian Aquaculture Sector, focusing on the marine component
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Framework Programme: “Scientific Advice And Other Services For The Implementation Of The Common Fisheries Policy In The Mediterranean Sea” Lot1 (MARE/2009/05). Specific Contract No.3.
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Evaluation and impact assessment activities of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) for the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (LOT 2)
Design, Construction, Supervision and Handing Over of Marine Hatchery Complex as well as the delivery of recirculation units and water intake and treatment equipment for the “Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Centre For Marine Research, Um Al Quwain”
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